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Asteroids multiplayer

Asteroids multiplayer

by Couchfriends

Asteroids multiplayer is a sequel to the original Asteroid game in 1979 by Ed Logg. The game features all the aspects as the original with the option to play with multiple players at the same time.

By Couchfriends


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Latest updates

Fine-tuning in space

on 6/11/15

Ever tried counting pixels on a HD TV? Impossible! This update will solve issues where players were unable to detect any game visuals.

  • Fixing sound for explosions and bullets.
  • Adding vibration when losing a life.
  • Losing all lives result in reset of score and lives.
  • Increase colors and size of asteroids, aliens and bullets.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes new levels wouldn't start.
Interface & mechanics update

on 6/9/15

We've updated the controls that improved flying and changed some visual aspects to have a better overall game experience.

  • Spaceship cannot fly backwards anymore (you can still slowdown)
  • Increased the size of spaceships by 2
  • Added random colors for ships that is displayed on your phone or tablet
  • Increased score and life size
  • Fixed bug where players didn't correctly despawn after leaving the game.
About this game

Take control of a spaceship and survive the waves of aliens and asteroids by shooting them. Hitting asteroids will break them in multiple smaller parts until they are nothing more than dust.

This Multiplayer version of Asteroid can be played alone and with friends.

This game is open source and can be forked and edit to create an even better version. See for more information.

Over 9000!

Score at least 9001 points in a single game.

Open Source

This game is open source and can be modified by the community.


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