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by Couchfriends

Classic breakout with multiplayer. Score points by hitting the bricks and prevent losing the ball!

By Couchfriends


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Latest updates

Maistro? Music!

on 9/2/15

Thanks to, @KenneyWings and Prop I was able to add some "final" touches to the game: sound effects and music!

  • Background music (thanks to Prop).
  • Pickup effects (positive, negative and coin pickups).
  • Next level "winner" sound effect.
What is a Breakout game without bullets?

on 8/28/15

We added a new power-up: Shooting. When picking up the yellow bonus the player will be able to shoot bullets for a few seconds!

  • New power up: Shooting bullets.
  • We increased performance for several power-ups.
  • Decreased the max score loss to 50, from 100.
About this game

Breakout multiplayer is a classic remake of the original Breakout or Arkanoid game with a multiplayer option. You can now play with or against your friends in this fun and addictive Breakout game. You score points for your team by hitting the ball against the bricks. Your opponents will lose points if you manage to push the ball behind their defenses! There are several power ups to gain during the game including "sticky ball", "frozen paddle" and "fire ball". Power ups will randomly spawn and move towards your team when destroying bricks.

Game assets - Bricks

Gain power ups by aiming the ball towards the different bricks. There are different colors and types of bricks that each have special effects or abilities and might drop bonuses upon destroying. The following bricks are currently available in the game.

Breakout brick - stone Default brick that will be destroyed upon collision with the ball. Drops all power-ups with a low drop chance.

Breakout brick - color red Breakout brick - color blue Breakout brick - color orange Breakout brick - color purple Color bricks that will be destroyed upon collision with a ball and has a high drop chance.

Breakout brick - heavy stone Breakout brick - heavy stone Breakout brick - heavy stone Heavy brick that is difficult to break. Need multiple hits with the ball before it will be destroyed. Mostly protecting something useful!

Breakout brick - explosion Will explode upon collision with the ball and might destroy neighbors in its blast! Use it before your opponent does it!

Breakout brick - star Gives extra score and coins upon destroying!

Game assets - Power ups

The following power-ups will be falling towards the team that destroyed the brick.

Breakout power up - red Fire-up the strength and power of the ball.

Breakout power up - blue This will slow down your paddle speed.

Breakout power up - green Makes your paddle sticky.

Breakout power up - yellow Allows you to fire bullets!

Open Source

This game is open source and can be modified by the community.


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