Add a game

Adding your game to Couchfriends

Games you add to Couchfriends will first be reviews before shown in the search results. Please read and apply the following tips & tricks for adding a game.

General tips

  • Make sure your game is playable by one and multiple players at the same time
  • Make sure you game is played on a big screen and controlled by a phone or tablet


  • Find an appropriate name for you game
  • Don't include any sale keywords in the name of your game
  • The name of the game should be maximum 150 characters
  • Don't use trademark names you do not own
  • No HTML allowed


  • The description of the game is placed under the promotion tile and used as a first glance
  • Keep it short and succinctly
  • Around 200-300 characters
  • Don't include any sale keywords in the description of your game
  • No HTML allowed


  • The full description of the game
  • HTML is allowed

Play Url

  • The direct playable link of the game
  • No sale page or game index allowed