Couchfriends art guidelines and best practise

Please follow the following guidelines and tips to create outstanding and amazing art for your games on Couchfriends.


Each game has different assets to define the promotion of your game. Screenshots, trailers, game icon or gameplay videos are examples of the different assets a game can have. Most of the art you add to your game page will be best viewed in Full HD resolution. Use PNG or high quality JPEG files for the best results.


The icon of your game should be uploaded with a resolution of a power of 2 and minimum 16x16 pixels. Best resolution for an icon or pictogram is 512x512 pixels.
Additional tips:

  • Make your icons flat. Prevent perspective, 3D or shadows.
  • Do not use text inside your icon.

Achievement icons

The icons for achievements have the same guidelines as the general icons/pictograms of the game except unachieved achievements will be displayed in grayscale. Using colorful images for Achievement icons is best. Use 512x512 pixels as well.


Game tiles are mostly displayed in grid-based columns where they share a page with other related games. Most tiles are displayed in a 16:9 resolution. 960x540 pixels is advised.
Additional tips:

  • Add the name of the game inside the tile.


Screenshots and movies uploaded to games will be keeping the aspect ratio of the origin. They will be center aligned if it doesn’t fit the container. The container is 16:9 and has an maximum width of 751. Images and videos are best uploaded at 1920x1080 pixels.
Please not that some images will be cropped to resolution of 1200 x 630 (1.9:1 aspect ratio) to share on social media like Facebook.