Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Frequently Asked Questions if you encounter any problems.

I can't join a game with my phone/tablet?

Please follow those steps to connect to a game.

  • Make sure your phone is turned on and connected to Internet or Wifi
  • Make sure your phone or tablet is supported
  • Visit on your phones browser
  • (Optional) Click the Controller mode in the menu.
  • Enter the code that is displayed on the platform (your TV, PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc)

What devices are supported?

  • Internet connection
  • Modern web browser
  • Mobile smart phone*
* Browser requirements for phone
  • iOS Safari 6.1+
  • Android 4.4+
  • Opera Mobile 12.1+
  • Blackberry Browser 7+
  • Chrome for Android 39+
  • Firefox for Android 33+
  • IE Mobile 10+
  • UC Browser for Android 9.9+

What are badges?

Some games have special badges to classify them. The following badges are currently available for games.

Open Source

This game is open source and can be modified by the community.

Family friendly

This is a great game for families.

Does Couchfriends have an App for Android or iOS?

We currently have no native app for Android or iOS but you can follow those steps to make one.

  • Open on the browser of your phone
  • Make sure it is in "controller mode"
  • Press the menu or share button of your browser
  • Select "Add to Home screen"
  • Confirm your action

You can now open Couchfriends anytime from your home screen.