Phone & Tablet

All you need to play games is a mobile phone or tablet. And some friends, but they are optional.

To have the best gaming experience please setup your phone before connecting. The steps below will help to give you a smooth gaming experience.

General tips for gaming
  • Connect your phone over fast Internet or wifi if available
  • Make sure the phone is fully charged
  • Turn on the sound
  • Increase the brightness
  • Disable auto rotate in your phone settings
  • Increase the screen timeout as long as possible

Setup your phone or tablet on Android

Open your setting panel

When on your homescreen swipe the notification bar down and tap the little gear icon on the top right.

Heads up! Some of the settings can be turned on and off in the notification menu like rotation, sound and wifi.

Open display settings

Tap "Display" under "Personalisation" in the "My device" tab. The display settings will open.

Screen timeout

Tap the "Screen timeout" under the "Screen" option to increase the timeout of your display.

Make sure that the "Auto rotation screen" option is off.

Setup your phone or tablet on iOS

Coming soon.