Couchfriends profile

A Couchfriends profile is a visual display of your personal Couchfriends information such as achievements, reviews and friends.

Profile name

Your profile name is you will be known as to the Couchfriends community. This can be your real name or an alias. Please read the following requirements before picking a name.

Profile name requirements
  • At least two characters
  • Maximum 25 characters
  • No more than one special character in a sequence
  • At least one readable character or number
  • Any of the following characters: . - ' _ " ( )
Example of allowed names.
  • Dr. Four
  • Jack "Yellow" Hendrik
  • Casmo
  • Blue_Brick
  • Choppie
  • Fab
  • Akarimi
  • Sharky.Dust
  • Frankeh
Example of banned names.
  • Edwin'.Dust
  • _Dr. Hi_.-._ test
  • .
  • Mr|Friendly

Names that do not meet the above requirements or violates our "Naming Policy" might be subject for change without prior notice.

Naming Policy

Our naming policy rules apply to all profile names on Couchfriends or any in game hosted directly or indirectly on the website.

If you see a name that you feel violates our naming guidelines, please report it using the reporting feature on the profile page.

Example of name violations.
  • Are trademarked or licenced by a company or an individual.
  • Consist of any references to the real world, including people and places (PresidentObama, Amsterdam, Einstein).
  • Are references to illegal drugs or activities.
  • Have racial, ethnic, or national connotations.
  • Advertise any organisations or websites.
  • Refer to extreme or violent sexual acts.
  • Refer to extremely violent real life actions.
  • Negatively refer to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.
  • Are inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.