What is Couchfriends?

tl;dr With Couchfriends you can play games with friends on any modern web browser. All you need is a modern smart phone or tablet to play a game.

Couchfriends is a digital distribution platform for mobile/big-screen games. It serves as a game hosting and services provider for real-time gaming in combination with TV (big screen) and mobile devices (controllers). Couchfriends allow gamers of all ages to browse and play games. Game developers can develop and host their real time games on Couchfriends through the Couchfriends API that is published and open sourced by Fellicht. Allowing players to achieve an intense and fun gaming experience with online leaderboards, achievements, game reviews and much more.

How to play?

Step 1. Go with your Smart TV, computer, laptop, Playstation, Xbox or in your Steam browser to https://couchfriends.com/.

Step 2. Search for a game and click the Play button.

Step 3. Scan the QR-Code or go to https://couchfriends.com/ on your mobile and enter the game code.