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Fight the endless hordes of Asteroids and aliens with your friends in this fun and intense Shoot'em up game!
Open Source 2015 Multiplayer
Breakout multiplayer is a classic remake of the original Breakout or Arkanoid game with a multiplayer option. You can now play with or against your friends in this fun and addictive Breakout game. You score points for your team by hitting the ball against the bricks. Your opponents will lose points if you manage to push the ball behind their defenses! There are several power ups to gain during the game including "sticky ball", "frozen paddle" and "fire ball". Power ups will randomly spawn and move towards your team when destroying bricks.
Open Source 2015 Multiplayer
Bombergirl is a remake of a classic game known as Bomberman. The original version of this bombergirl is created by MattSkala on Github. Couchfriends added multiplayer through the Couchfriends API to allow unlimited players to play.
Open Source 2013 Multiplayer
A spaceshooter created with ChatGPT in one hour.
Drakonas is a Shoot'em up game made with Three.js.
Open Source 2014 Original assets
Mad Science Tower Defense
Dr. M. Adness from the science lab E. vil & Co is experimenting new drugs for the party scene. Unfortunately the test animals are escaping.
Three.JS Tower Defense
A Tower Defense game build with the Three.js library written in Javascript & HTML5.
Open Source 2014 Original assets
A true classic: Asteroids. Playable in the browser and added multiplayer through the Couchfriends API.
A soccer game for where you can have 11 keepers. One of the first prototype games for Couchfriends.
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